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Wizardlord - New competitive RTS Pre-registration Now Live

2018-06-29 10:28:32

[HONG KONG – June 29, 2018]

Wish Interactive today announced pre-registration detail of its highly-anticipated mobile RTS game, Wizardlord. The pre-registration phase is available now for both iOS and Android devices, and the Closed Beta test is scheduled on July. All registrants from around the world will received a mysterious in-game reward box after official launch.




Click here to watch the teaser trailer showcasing some of Wizardlord's standout features.


Wizardlord made its debut in E3 2018 and attracted a lot of media attention. The game seamlessly blends action and strategy with fast paced matches that require speedy decision-making, expertly built decks and deadly spell combinations. Players could summon beast, minions, and use magic to destroy their opponent’s towers to win the intense and seemingly hectic real time battle. All the features make the game have the potential to be a next worldwide mobile eSport title.



Key Features

     Real-time PvP duels: Dominate fast, intense 1v1 battles and 2v2 team play for up to 5 minutes.

     Three playable lanes: Find the perfect balance and timing for each lane to destroy enemy turrets.

     Wide variety of cards: Collect and upgrade powerful elemental and summoning spells like a true mage.

     Deck-building strategy: Build a powerful deck from dozens of unique cards.

     Troops and spells: Trigger elemental affinities and reinforced effects with 50+ units and spells 

About Wizardlord

Wizardlord is the latest fantasy RTS mobile game from Wish Interactive, powered by Unity engine to create a Cartoon- style graphic and special effect. Wizardlord is set in a chaos decades, players will begin their adventure as a mage apprentice and take on intense real-time battles to become the ultimate Wizardlord.


About Wish Interactive

Founded in 2009 and based in China, Wish Interactive Technology Ltd is a global publisher committed to bringing fun to players all around the world. Since its launch, the company has strived to improve its publishing capabilities with a versatile publishing model – including marketing and branding, public relations, channel distribution, cross-industry collaboration, and professional localization.

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