WizardLord Guide: Shadow Boss

2019-04-12 17:23:42


Shadow Boss likes undead soldiers. She can easily summon powerful undead soldiers and defeat enemies.


Unit Info:


Zombie (Melee, Single)

Dispatch path: Pair

Zombies have low ATK and HP, but always come huge in quantity, therefore they can conquer Orc Infantry.   



Red Wizard (Ranged, Single)

Dispatch path: Pair

Red Wizards have launch long-range ATK, and deal large DMG to a single target.




Lich (Ranged, Control)

Dispatch path: Mid

Liches summon skeleton defenders continuously to fight them, therefore can conquer single-targeted soldiers. The skeleton defenders have high speed but low attack, while conquer the single unit like Earth Element and Wolf Cavalry.


Special Skill: Death Freeze


Shadow Boss freeze all enemy units and deal 161 damage per second, lasting 8 seconds, which can clear the site effect of enemy. The special skill can launch more than 1000 damage to each enemy’s unit, and keep them unmoved for quite a long time. It is the critical moment for you to deal fatal strike!


Cards recommended:

Summon: United Power, Forest Cry, The Dead Army

Buff & Debuff: Rage, Fury, Tidal Wave

Damage: Wind Blade, Hailstones, Tornado

Basd on the Zombies and Skeleton Defenders summoned, Shadow Boss could keep considerable amount of units on your side. Though the HP of your soldiers is relatively low, you can cast cards to control the enemy and push forwards to their Turrets and Wizard. Forest Cry could heal Lichs to summon more Skeleton Defenders fighting for you. Terran Cavalry could increase your soldiers’ speed. Those summoned heroes will exert huge damage in a short time when Death Freeze is cast. Cards with water attribute and wind attribute would combine frozen effect, which is also a wise choice for control and damage dealing.