WizardLord Guide: Red Witch

2019-04-03 11:09:15


Red Mage pursues higher damage and even the most common spell can be extremely powerful in her hand.


Unit Info:


Little Treant (Melee, Single)

Dispatch path: Pair

Little Treant uses its branches to attack single target on the ground, proficient in high ATK, and it counters Armored Infantry,but is countered by Zombies.   



Fire Element (Ranged, Area DMG)

Dispatch path: Pair

Fire Element comes from forest fire and lava. It can launch long-range ATK with fireball and deal AOE DMG.



Water Element (Ranged, Control)

Dispatch path: Mid

Water Element can launch ice arrows in a long distance to freeze enemies, but has low ATK and HP. Water Element could help you control enemy’s units in long range, though the attack is not high attractive.


Special Skill:  

Summon one Ancient Treant from your side, which is immune to [Enchant] and [Polymorph]. Though the giant is walking slowly, the high HP shape it a huge tank taking the damage to protect your witch. However, the attack speed is relatively slow and it can only deal large damage to a single target, Ancient Treant couldn’t survive for a long time while facing plenty of units, Zombies especially.


Cards recommended:

Control: Planar Vortex, Tornado, Enchant, Grease

Buff: Chain Lightning, God’s Help, Fury, Teleport

Heal: Healing Prayer

Damage: Dark Hammer, Fireball

Walking slowly, launching single target damage and summoned away from enemy, the Ancient Treant seems a little bit clumsy at the first sight. However, Ancient Treant’s HP is the highest among the summoned soldiers, and 800 ATK is also appreciable. So that it is of great importance to take full advantage of the treant. Casting Buff and Heal cards could support it to take more damage for your witch or raise speed drawing near to enemy’s Turret. Teleport could help the treant away from the targeted center and even move forwards to the opponent’s Wizard. Planar Vortex and Grease could limit the attack form enemy’s soldiers,pushing them away from you. But it needs more patience waiting for the treant to summon, and remember to save the cards for the giant.