WizardLord is Launching Soon!

2019-03-07 10:31:32

Attention apprentices! Magic world is calling you! WizardLord, the most anticipated mobile RTS of the year, is coming soon! Check below for more details. 

Region: Canada

Time for download: at 18:00 (PST), March 6th, 2019 

Time for play: at 18:00 (PST), March 7th, 2019 

Platform: iOS (App Store) & Android (Google Play) 

The game will be available in Canada during soft launch. To apprentices outside Canada--please hold on a little longer! Remember to stay tuned for the latest news and events on official website, Facebook and Twitter.



Real-time PvP Duels: Dominate fast, intense 1v1 battles for up to 5 minutes.

Unique Spell Combo: Pioneering spell combination gameplay. Create magic combos.

Summon Fantasy Creatures: Command elemental servant and powerful creatures to break through the arena.

Collect & Upgrade Cards: Unlock chest rewards to collect and upgrade mighty cards by defeat your opponents.

Deck-building Strategy: Construct tactical decks from dozens of ultimate magical cards with your collections.

Would you like to explore the mystic lands? Grab your magical staff and let the battle begin! We are right here waiting.

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