WizardLord Guide: Azure Leader

2019-03-22 09:36:25


Azure Leader excels in Water Magic. He easily controls the battle by healing or restraining the enemy.


Unit Info:


Armored Infantry (Tank, Area DMG)

Dispatch path: Pair

Armored Infantry dears AOE DMG. Able to conquer Zombies in a large number, but has no advantage when fighting against Orc Infantry.



Ranger (Ranged, Single)

Dispatch path: Pair

Ranger can launch long-range attacks beyond the attack range of turrets. Vulnerable when facing melee attack.



Orc Infantry (Melee, Single)  

Dispatch path: Mid

Orc Infantry attacks with axes and deals AOE DMG.


Special Skill: 


Continuously heal all your soldiers with HP recovered, lasting 30 seconds, which cannot be interrupted.

It is a wise choice to spell this one when you have lots of soldiers on the deck, supporting them with high sustainability. You can also cast spell to summon units and heroes to assist your WizardLord.


Cards recommended:

Buff & Debuff: Rage, Mass Morphing, Chain Lightning, Parasite, Cleanse, Fury, God’s Help

Summon & Building: Draconic Might, United Power, Stone Sphere, Undead Torch, Wolf Summon

Considering that the soldiers dispatched are in small amount and Azure Leader’s special skill could support your soldiers with HP recovered, it is a sound advise to cast Buff, Debuff and Summon Cards. Try to maintain your units in a healthy condition, and wait for your special skill to launch great damage in a short time.