Tutorial Guide--Cards collection and upgrade

2019-03-15 10:36:09

Hey, apprentice! In the magic world of WizardLord, cards in your side is the critical weapon for you to win in the arena. Here comes the question: how to get the wonderful cards and how to upgrade them?

Follows are the guide of cards for you.


1. Tier

After your victory in the arena, you may get rewards chest randomly. And the rewards will be different according to your tier. Try to win points and reach a higher tier to get the wonderful cards!



2. Stage

There are 6 chapters waiting for you to go though. You would get coins, diamonds and chests as rewards when you finish the challenge. Bonus chests are at the left corner, which you can open when you get enough stars.



3. Achievement

When you reach to some points in Achievement, you may get photos, frames rewards. Stage, Ladder, Spell, Weekly, Deck, Guild and others, all have certain points for you to attain.



4. Quest

You may find daily quest in the home page. Coins, diamonds and cards can be found here when you finish the quest or collect certain points.



5. Wonder Chest

The star jewels you get from the arena will help you unlock Wonder Chest. Cards you get here are according to your level in the battle ground.


6. Daily Event

Every day you can receive online rewards in Daily Event. The longer the day you are online, the more rewards you will find here.


7. Guild

The donation in the guild will help you collect the cards you want. If you have more cards that other members in your guild request for, dont be jealous and share your cards.



8. Shop

In the shop, lots of cards are available for you to choose. The cards will be refreshed every day. You can also open chest with your diamonds. It is surprise that you may find here.


Here are the brief guide of card collection today! Hope you all could control powerful witchcraft!